About Us

My name is Alena and I’m the proud mummy of Harrison and Ella.
I’ve lived in the UK since 1994, after originally coming here to work as an Au Pair. I fell in love with my husband Paul, a travel writer, in 2001 and we’ve been travelling the world together ever since.
I gained a 2:1 in Fashion Design from the University of Leeds in 2003 and worked as a designer for Old Glory from 2005 until 2012 when Harrison came into the world kicking and screaming.
I’ve concentrated on being a mum pretty much since then and now satisfy my creative instincts by making clothes for the children and knitting.
We still travel frequently and even take our dog Falco with us on most of our adventures.

Sibling Love


Ella wears:

Chunky Knit Jumper from ZARA.

Grey Skinny Jeans from ZARA.

Cute Flower Ballerina Slippers from MOTHERCARE.

Harrison wears:

Textured Sweater with Pocket from ZARA, still available in small size here.

Dropped Crotch Joggers in Slate Colour from ZARA.

Black Grandad Long Sleeve Top from ZARA.

Green Hare Socks from JOULES.


Metrodome, Barnsley


What an amazing day out at the Metrodome’s Calypso Cove. Harrison and Ella loved the wave machine and couldn’t stop laughing as we bobbed too and fro in the water. The water slides were great fun too for Harrison, while Ella enjoyed shooting the water cannons at her daddy’s bald head!

Watching daddy swim to the port hole in the diving pool was great fun too and we managed to get the on site photographer to capture the moment, as well as a few giggles and cuddles in the wave pool.

All in all a great value day out and highly recommended for anyone within driving distance of Barnsley.

Skiing in Vemdalen, Sweden

Ella wears:

Grey Quilted Snowsuit from F&F.

Pink Horse Snowsuit from JOULES.

Pink Hat with Pompom from JOULES.

Pink Snowboots from NEXT.

Pink Nevica Ski Gloves from SPORTSDIRECT still available here.

Knitted Polo-Neck Collar from H&M, similar one can be found here. I found these polo-neck collars fantastic, much easier & warmer to wear instead of scarves, they are tighter & neater round the neck.

Harrison wears:

Navy Quilted Snowsuit from NEXT.

Red Hooded Jacket from NEXT.

Grey Ski Pants.

Sorel Style Snowboots from TK MAXX.

Hat & Scarf Set from TU at Sainsbury’s.

Wooden Playhouse Set with Ladder, Slide & Swings

  s-l1600 (3)

We bought this in the last weeks of summer to entertain the monsters. It took a few days to get it put up (thanks to my husband’s general lack of building skills) but even he managed it in the end:)

It had only been up a couple of days before Harrison learned to properly swing by himself, without being pushed; a feat he never could master on play parks. So now he’s having all his mates round, trying to teach them, which is harder to explain than you think.

The slide is a big hit with both kids and it’s nice that they don’t have to argue over whose turn it is on the swing (being a double one). So all in all it’s been well worth the money, and looks good in the garden too.

P.S. We added a few more pieces of wood on the side of “climbing wall” so it now goes all the way to the top, mind you we still need to attach the grips:)


Ella wears:

Long White Hot Air Balloon Printed Cardigan upcycled by mummy (me) from PRIMARK ladies cardigan.

Grey Check Fleecy Leggings from ZARA.

Pink Glitter Wellies from MOTHERCARE.

Harrison wears:

White Stripy Sweat from KIDS BY LINDEX

Camouflage Joggers from ZARA.

Green DUNLOP wellies.